About us

We work with small business owners to help them achieve work/life balance by providing bookkeeping services that allow owners to focus on their growing business. We provide outsourced bookkeeping services on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the business needs.


Basic Services


-QuickBooks Online Subscription

-Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

-Categorize and Record Financial Transactions

-Basic Bookkeeping Data Entry

-Record Keeping

-Financial Statements

Additional Services


-Cloud Based Document Management Subscription

-Payroll Processing

-Sales & Use Tax Returns

-Bookkeeping Clean-up

-Accounts Receivable Management

-Accounts Payable Management

Saving with Outsourced



Having an outsourced bookkeeper can save your business money AND your time, allowing you to focus on growing your business or simply having more free time.

Cost Savings: Outsourced bookkeepers are 1099 Sub-Contractors, not employees, which saves money on payroll costs (wages and matching payroll taxes), saves on insurance costs (not an employee = no Workers’ Compensation, no Health insurance or Unemployment insurance).

Outsourced bookkeepers make sure your books are up to date and ready to send to your Accountant, so they don’t have to! Saving you money on Accountant fees.

Time Savings: With an outsourced bookkeeper you can save time by not having to take hours matching your payments to invoices, posting vendor payables, categorizing all those expenses, preparing sales tax returns, processing payroll and monthly bank and credit card reconciliations.

Small Business Owners spend an average of 40+ hours (some up to 100 hours) getting their books tax ready to send to their Accountant. 

What could you do with a “work” week worth of time?  Take that vacation you have been dreaming about? Go to that industry conference that boasts boosting your business?

Is it time to hire an outsourced bookkeeper?


Do you have stacks of bank and credit card statements that need to be reconciled?

It is difficult to have a clear view of your financials when reconciliations are not completed correctly and in a timely manner.


Are you paying too much in late fees to your vendors?

When vendor payables pile up its easy to incur late fees. If payables are expensed and posted to your accounting system regularly, it's easier to check on the health of your business and take advantage of early pay discounts with the right vendors.


Are you dreading tax season because you don’t have time to get your paperwork in order for your accountant?

Balanced Bookkeeping Services can work with you to find the right solution for organizing documents, both physically and electronically.


Are you spending so much time organizing your financials you don’t have time to work on your marketing and sales to grow your business?

Then it's time to consider an outsourced bookkeeper.

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